Project Documentation – How much is enough?

With Project documentation it is prudent to remember that less is often more. Consider who the documentation is for, why they need it and what they are going to use it for.

With those three pieces of information you can deliver good quality required reports that are useful to the individual.

Think about the type of document that you will use for your report. Word docs aren’t always the best. A graph or chart could show the required information more clearly and be more useful to the end-user.

The best way to achieve this is to scope the documentation that the project requires in the initial phase of the project. For each requested document ask for a user case. It is worth remembering that you may receive the answer:

“…because I said so…”

No matter who says this, dig deeper there must be a reason for each of the project documents.

You can always try defining and justifying project documentation using the ROI approach.  As a consultant they are paying for your time.  By having a user case for each of the project documents you can prove the value and the benefits in each case, this will ensure that the client is not paying for wasted time.


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Adam Scoot

After the consultancy, its all about the agile, a little bit of scrum and delivery. Other than that; Ski hard, Ski fast or go home.

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