Diagrams and Charts – Fancy or Functional

If you can get the information across why spend time making it look really fly?

It depends on who in the business you are providing the diagrams and charts for…

If it’s the team, what are they looking for in a burndown chart?  Ask them.  It’s normally all about information transfer, it doesn’t have to look great, it just needs to simply show what has been achieved and what needs to be achieved.  You can draw it in marker pen on a flip chart sheet and update it as many times a day as work gets completed.

If it’s for senior management it is likely that the charts and diagrams won’t only be for their consumption.  It’s more likely that they will end up in front of someone further up the chain or in a report.  Take some time, ask what the report is ultimately for then remove the need for any additional work once it has been received.