Drupal comments

You want people to talk to one another and to you right…then let them comment.

Comments are another type of content you can have on your site you just need to enable the core comment module.

Normally each comment is a small piece of content that a user submits.  The comment will be attached to a particular node. E.g.  Each piece of discussion attached to a particular forum topic node is a comment.


Drupal Taxonomy

Drupal_Logo_2You want people to find things on your site right…

Drupal has an in-built system for classifying content.  This is known as taxonomy.  Taxonomy is implemented in the core Taxonomy module.

As a business you can define your own vocabularies or groups of taxonomy terms.  You can then add terms to each vocabulary.

Vocabularies can be built in different ways, flat or hierarchical, with single or multiple selection.  You can also allow “free tagging”.  This means that when creating or editing content, you can add new terms on an ad hoc basis. Each vocabulary can then be attached to one or more content types.  By doing this the nodes on the website can be grouped into categories or tagged or classified in any way you like.