Debt on Agile projects is not just technical!

What with all the recent news about the state of the economy it’s warming to know that the debt can be spread across so many areas.

Nigel Kneill of Indigo Blue poses this interesting slant on the buildup of debt on agile projects.

Debt on Agile projects is not just technical!.


Working with Cardinal Learning

Cardinal Learning know their stuff.  I worked with David Carr on a long contract where I brought him in as an e-learning consultant.  His fast assessment of the situation and deep understanding of the e-learning environment really helped the project become a success.

Cardinal Learning helps organisations – especially membership bodies – to make the most of learning technology, including:

  • helping organisations to establish an appropriate, realistic and relevant e-learning strategy
  • offering advice on the selection and implementation of learning management systems
  • providing rapid e-learning development to produce courses that can be maintained cost-effectively by in-house staff.