Succeeding with Yammer

yammerImplementing a business collaboration network is all very well, but you have to give it direction otherwise after an initial burst of usage people will leave and return to more familiar surroundings.

As a stakeholder you can reduce the likelihood of this happening by considering how the business can best use the platform and what the driving force is behind the roll out.

At the outset of the Yammer journey each customer should define their “Yammer Vision” by answering the the following 6 questions:

  1. Why is the organization deploying Yammer at this time?
  2. How does Yammer support the organization’s Mission / Values / Strategy?
  3. How will Yammer change the organization?
  4. How will the organization know if Yammer is successful?
  5. How will Yammer benefit the overall organization?
  6. How will Yammer benefit every employee personally?

The “Yammer Vision” will help gain the support of the business and the Yammer champions can return to the Vision for ongoing direction after the initial usage has started to wane.