Case Study – Hewlett Packard

To scope, define and deliver a business programme that would improve performance across the sales process create a greater focus on revenue and give the directorate a clearer view of performance across EMEA.

Reporting to:  Hewlett Packard EMEA Sales and Marketing Director.  Budget:  €2.5M.
Development Teams:  France, Belgium, UK. Suppliers: 4. Project status: Success – increase in revenue across EMEA by +20% year on year.  The programme has been integrated with Siebel and its use is now considered ‘business as usual’.

Covering 42 countries across 7 EMEA Regions. The objective was to increase the profitability of TS Sales across the EMEA Region and deliver effective reporting to all levels of business management. To integrate Siebel into the online application.

HP Services is the solutions and support organisation of global IT giant Hewlett Packard, whose customer contracts span services covering IT infrastructure, Business Continuity, Security, Storage and Lifecycle solutions.

The system combined all data which was then validated centrally by the programme and HP´s Siebel system the system then created comprehensive personal statements and business wide performance reports

The Program allows each country / region to determine their specific sales and marketing tactics ensuring that the program is flexible to the differing business units around EMEA without compromising the overall HP objectives.  Sales Managers, Country Heads, Regional Directors and Programme Managers were provided with a platform to allow them to communicate effectively within the programme.

Of the 42 countries that participate 36 hit their targets of 100% or above. Of the 8 that didn´t, only one scored less than 95% of target When taken as 7 regions, all regions exceeded 100%. Every team exceeded the 100% target. The best performing team hit 145% of target.

The platform allowed the development of sales campaigns on a local and regional level. The campaigns could be effectively tracked and monitored and those that were successful could be implemented at EMEA level.

The Programme won ‘Best International Programme’ at the Industry Awards.


Case Study – Canon advantage

Canon advantage

The platform provides employees of multiple companies with a dedicated training system. The training modules are delivered over three levels with randomized question sets coming from a central database so no two participants will receive the same question set. The platform incorporates news, rewards, an internal messaging system and an in depth reporting system.

Your Canon Generic Multi Company Site

A further development of the Canon advantage platform. Redeveloped for multiple company usage. Each company is branded and only sees the detail relevant to them. Designed to incorporate multiple companies and deliver individual company News, Rewarding and Reporting to all levels.

My Role

  • To develop the functional specifications, schedules, budget plans and scoping documents, consult with the stakeholders to ensure that the aims of the programme were being met.
  • To define the goals of the system with the relevant business units and produced flow charts and diagrams describing the logical operational steps of the programme.
  • To ensure the program delivery as per the user requirements and functional specifications
  • To manage resources, internal staff and third party suppliers ensuring they delivered their own agreed product scope in terms of quality, time and cost.s
  • To constantly update the timeframe and the budget ensuring that all stakeholders were aware of any changes to the agreed Project Plan.
  • To maintain an Issue log, Risk Log, Quality log, Daily Log and a Change Log managing change control as required.
  • To raise project issues with the Senior Stakeholders and adjust the budget and timescale accordingly.
  • To prepare return on investment studies.
  • To liaise with the business units within Canon and each of the retailers to assess their current systems and online access for staff members.
  • To solve issues including Scope Creep, Change and a reluctance by retailers to buy into the budget. By running an issue log and producing exception reports for all incidents I kept the Key Stakeholders informed throughout each stage.

At the closure of the project I ensured that all goals detailed in the project brief had been met and shared the final reports and lessons learned with the required personnel.

Outcome: The website delivery was inside the time and budget constraints and the program is successful delivering effective training to all staff increasing Canon’s market share within the department store sector.