AAT – Strategy and guidance

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I really like working with AAT.  They are open to ideas, are keen to collaborate and eager to be on the cutting edge.  That’s why I’m always ready to go back for more, recently I have been working with AAT delivering:

  • Agile mentoring for internal Project Managers, problem solving and Senior Management/Directorate Team Guidance on new and existing agile projects.  Including website rebuild and upgrade and CRM system upgrade.  Working with Microsoft Dynamics, Drupal and .Net platforms.
  • Strategic Planning for Professional, Education and Training and Marketing division business deliverables 2012/2013.  Including recruitment, contract negotiation, process creation and implementation, escrow agreements and conflict of interest statements.
  • Scope and creation of a new Product Development Team.  Setting delivery roadmaps and centralising product development within the business.
  • Scope and implementation of the Mobile Content strategy.
  • Scope, definition and implementation of workstreams in a Drupal environment including Drupal commerce and Drupal scorm elements.
  • Product development of CMS systems, e-commerce platforms, social forums, mobile applications and short courses.

AAT – Project rescue

To rescue an existing business systems/business change project.  To scope, define and deliver a new e-learning programme and revenue stream.

Reporting to:  AAT Directorate, Steering Group Committee.  Budget:  £3.5M. Development Teams: UK.   Team Members include: Drupal, .Net, and Java Developers, User Interface Developer, Testers, Designers, Business Analysts, and  Information Architects.  Suppliers:  30+.

Project status:  Success – Project Rescue delivered the business systems/business change project on time and to budget.  The AAT e-learning programme delivered 150+ products and platforms on time and to budget.