CRM 2013 Showcase

This is a great video showcasing CRM 2013 (Orion) and the user experience.



Shelter – Realising The Benefits

BenefitsFor the implementation of the MS Dynamics CRM system at Shelter we focused heavily on the benefits.

The key Helpline benefit benefit being a reduction in wrap time of 3 minutes per call. By Saving three minutes per call Shelter would then be able to help more people with the same volume of Helpline Staff.

We used this benefit as the focus for inspect and adapt workshops with the end users, prioritising those changes that would take us closer to the three minute goal.

The benefit has almost been realized on launch, with a wrap time reduction of 2:47 per call with the initial user testing against the same call on the existing system.

MS Dynamics CRM – Licencing Hell

OK, anyone who has dealt with MS Dynamics CRM Licensing in the past will know it’s hard work.  Really, really hard work.  Its made even harder when you need to add charity pricing, you are waiting for POLARIS and the possibility of muti-tenanting.

The pricing structure and the way a charity must order its licenses  has so far changed twice; POLARIS has been delayed, we need more instances, and we need them soon!



Shelter – MS Dynamics CRM Integration

We are currently helping Shelter the housing and homelessness charity deliver one of their key principles, ‘helping more people’.

The implementation of an MS Dynamics CRM 2011 cloud service will reduce the current helpline administrators call processing time considerably allowing more advice to be given and easing the process of referring those who need help to the right internal or external service.

Agile Ninja is helping Shelter become more agile in their processes using the CRM implementation project as a launch pad for this change.  A short delivery timeline with a non negotiable delivery date…lets get Agile.


The scope, strategy and delivery of an online business community for the EMEA Microsoft Dynamics sales and marketing staff that allowed them to interact with third party developers and sales representatives to improve sales and customer focus.  The system has to integrate with MS Dynamics.

Reporting to: Marketing Director EMEA – Microsoft Dynamics.  Budget:  £1M. Development Teams: EMAE, UK. Suppliers:  5.  Project status:  Success – High usage of the community platform led to a greater understanding of customer needs and improved sales performance in the targeted areas.